Fully Automated Instrument Solutions

As a one-stop provider for OEM and ODM automation and instrumentation microfluidic solutions, microLIQUID offers support throughout all stages of the product development lifecycle. microLIQUID develops and manufactures fully automated analyzer systems for IVD, life science and drug delivery equipment. microLIQUID´s development teams consist of highly qualified engineers and biochemistry scientists who liaise with the respective partner’s development team to integrate the applications and the instrument solution, working on all its critical aspects by developing all the hardware, as well as co-developing reagent concepts at the microfluidic scale, and the integration of different diagnostic techniques (biosensing, molecular diagnostics etc.) or precise fluid flow control for drug delivery within the microfluidic consumables. We work closely with our clients and we combine our microfluidic engineering and instrument expertise to accomplish the goals in every step of the product development process and production. We add value to our customers ́ business by leveraging our core strengths (smart consumables, microfluidic cartridges, flow and thermal control and several assays and biosensing integration strategies) to deliver highest quality and outstanding service and will ensure commercial success in several fields:
• Instruments for Point of Care IVD
• Lab-on-a-chip solutions for sample preparation and diagnostics
• Drug delivery
• Customized instrumentation 

microLIQUID ́s product development process covers the entire spectrum, converting early-stage product concepts into total automated platforms.