Automated Instruments for Diagnostics

New technologies and regulatory changes in the life sciences ecosystem are driving transformation across all aspects of the landscape at an unprecedented rate. Microfluidics, connectivity (IOT) and nanotechnology are playing a big role in new healthcare and pharmaceutical products, especially for point-of-care (POC) and drug delivery solutions. Given both the scope and velocity of these changes, life science companies are faced with the challenge of developing products that keep pace and meet the needs of end users. To help our clients, we at microLIQUID have continued to build and strengthen our experience in microfluidics and automated tools, tightly integrating it into our overall product design, development and manufacturing process. Because of this increasing critically to the delivery of both life science and regulatory success, we have developed an end-to-end strategy to give automated complete solutions to our customers.

As a one-stop provider for OEM and ODM automation and instrumentation microfluidic solutions, microLIQUID offers support throughout all stages of the product development lifecycle. microLIQUID is able to provide all relevant components and capabilities necessary for the successful development of the solution. This includes developing all the hardware, as well as co-developing reagent concepts at the microfluidic scale, and the integration of different diagnostic techniques (biosensing, molecular diagnostics etc.) or precise fluid flow control for drug delivery within the microfluidic consumables. Furthermore, microLIQUID is also able to provide all instrument-related documentation needed to obtain approval. This enables microLIQUID´s partners to channel their energy into developing their applications to achieve the fastest possible market launch. 

microLIQUID´s development teams consist of highly qualified engineers and biochemistry scientists who liaise with the respective partner’s development team to integrate the applications and the instrument solution, working on all its critical aspects.