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Having built up experience working on thousands of Research and Development as well as large-scale projects, microLIQUID has developed a unique combination of skills including microfluidic design, nano- and microfabrication, polymer sciences and automated assembly, all of which have been set to work in our mass-production facilities.

microLIQUID also develops and manufactures fully automated analyzer systems and drug delivery equipment focused on diagnostics and pharmaceutical markets. With capabilities spanning the entire value chain, microLIQUID has become a one-stop provider of end-to-end solutions.

Our engineers and scientists have an extensive background and ample qualifications in the development and manufacture of immunoassays and molecular diagnostics platforms, among others.

Microfluidic Manufacturing

From Microfluidic molds or Microfluidic chips of many kinds to lab-on-a-chip development and Microfluidic services. We are able to work with our customer in order to deliver the best microfluidic chip or medical device.

With ISO 13485-certified manufacturing processes and Class 10 and Class 10.000 cleanrooms, microLIQUID can manufacture your products rapidly and realiably.

microLIQUID provides microfluidic cartridge development for customers´ proprietary platforms whilst also offering a full solution from microfluidic through precision flow control equipment to analysis instrumentation.

Automated Instrumentation

microLIQUID´s product development process covers the entire spectrum, converting early-stage product concepts into total automated platforms. We add value to our customers´ business by leveraging our core strengths (smart consumables, microfluidics, flow and thermal control and biosensor integration) to deliver highest quality and outstanding service, and will ensure commercial success.

From Blue-Chips to Start-Ups, microLIQUID accelerates Product Commercialization

microLIQUID is a partner for development and manufacturing solutions for the life science industry, and specializes in:

- Fully automated analyzer systems and drug delivery equipment

-Customized OEM and ODM manufacturing.

- With capabilities spanning the entire value chain, microliquid has become a one-stop provider of end-to-end solutions.

MicroLIQUID's Use Cases

microLIQUID's USE CASES – Microfluidic Chips, Microfluidic Prototyping and Lab on a Chip.Examples of the different techniques and solutions we can offer to our customers. Here you will find some examples of products we have developed with our customers for different aplications in: lab on a chip, Fluidic and electric connectors, microfluidic valves or microfluidic R&D , microfluidic probes etc

Microfluidic moulding

Microfluidic Chip

Drug Delivery

Microfluidic Chip

Disposable flow sensor

Microfluidic Chip

Thermocycler for microfluidic PCR chips


Molecular diagnostics

Microfluidic Cartridges

Optical Sensors and microfluidics

Microfluidic Design

Reagents stored on a microfluidic chip


Reagent Integration in Microfluidic Chip

Microfluidic Development

PCR microfluidic chip

Microfluidic Chip

Capillary electrophoresis microfluidic chips

Microfluidic Chip

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