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The translation of a bioassay to a microfluidic cartridge, with the objective of automating a bioassay, is a complex process that requires knowledge and expertise in both biology and engineering when it comes to product development. Understanding each step of the bioassay and the ability to adequately develop a microfluidic chip for each type of bioassay is essential to create a diagnostic device that can be marketed successfully.


At microLIQUID, our combined team of engineers and scientists have an extensive background and wide experience in the development and mass manufacture of immunoassays and molecular diagnostics platforms such as microarrays, biosensors, PCR / RT-PCR and sample preparation applications, etc. We can assist you in the process of Bio-translation from the bench to the market.


microLIQUID bio laboratory has expert scientists and engineers who work side-by-side to transfer bioassays to fully automated microfluidic cartridges. From sandwich or competitive 96well plate ELISA to microarray protein, from real-time PCR to DNA microarray, from conventional PCR in tubes to PCR microfluidic device for DNA amplification.


We integrate reagents into the microfluidic cartridge. With this, we achieve that all the bioassay reagents can be stored in the microfluidic chip at different formats, optimizing the reagents consumption for diagnosis, and thus achieve the desired process without manipulating the sample during the whole process.


For more information: www.microLIQUID.com

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