Molecular diagnostics have improved the diagnosis and treatment of millions of patients worldwide, allowing clinicians to diagnose patients earlier and provide better ongoing therapies.


At microLIQUID, we develop fully automated sample preparation and molecular diagnostic systems based on microfluidics.


Non-microfluidic diagnostic instruments usually require large quantities of costly reagents, long analysis time, established lab infrastructure, and trained professionals to operate. This limits their practicality for large-scale screening applications in developed countries, and for primary care in developing countries. There is a strong demand for robust, cost-effective and simple-to-operate molecular diagnostic instruments.


Microfluidic systems have many advantages, such as short analysis time, reduction in production costs, and low sample/reagent consumption.


However, there are also important differences among microfluidic devices. Most current microfluidic diagnostic devices are designed to target a single disease, such as a given cancer or a particular strain of a pathogen. The future of molecular diagnostics lies in highly multiplexed microfluidic devices that can screen for potentially hundreds of diseases simultaneously.


microLIQUID is committed to the development of these kinds of diagnostic systems and has the experience and expertise to develop and manufacture fully automated sample preparation and molecular diagnostic systems.


Molecular Diagnostics

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